AAC Block Separating Machine
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      AAC Block Separating Machine

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      There are three types of block/brick separating machine (also called panel severing machine), i.e. 4.2m,4.8m and 6m.



      To separate the AAC block / AAC bricks (or panels) layer by layer to eliminate the sticking, so as to improve the confirming product rate and quality of finished product.


      Working principle:

      The hardened “cake” having been steamed is conveyed to the block/brick separating machine (also called panel severing machine) by means of roller bed. It will be elevated in whole to a certain height through the hydraulic parts of this machine, and then will be clamped tightly by the hydraulic clamping cylinders. Then the first layer will be separated by the action of hydraulic separating cylinders. Repeat above actions to separate all layers.


      technical parameters:

       Scale Size




       Hydraulic Pressure

       10~14 MPa

       Total power


       Time of each mold





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