Pile Spinning Machine
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      Pile Spinning Machine

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      This machine is used for making different diameter and length of the circular concrete products by centrifugal casting.
      It is equipped with variable speed motor and control equipment. This machine can operate smoothly and regulate speed with wide range.
      The bottom of the machine is box-type structure. It is sturdiness, durability, and ease of installation.


      Working Principle:
      1. This machine operates together with Pre-stressed concrete pile steel mould.
      2. Under the motor-driven, the slurry is divided into two-tier under the force of centrifugal.
      3. The heavier solids deposited on the inner wall to form sediment layer, while the lighter liquid is separated from the formation of the inner fluid layer.
      4. The Sediment is released after dehydration, while the fluid is released.


      Technical Parameter:

      StandardRunning wheel distance Axle distanceSupport roller diameterMotor power(kw)


      Competitive Advantage:
      1. This spinning machine is designed and manufactured according to the needs of domestic factories, with reference to the Japanese sample machine.
      2. The machine is perfect in design and excellent in structure.
      3. It operates smoothly with low maintenance and repair rate.


      Place of Origin:China
      Brand Name:Success


      Packaging Details:Container
      Delivery Time:Negotiable
      Payment Terms:T/T,CIF,etc.


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