Transportation Mechanism
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      Transportation Mechanism

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      This equipment is used to have the finished product having been hauled out of autoclave clamped and sent to the expected location (i.e. wooden pallet packaging line), as well as have the bottom panel clamped and sent to the roller conveyor.


      There are two types of hydraulic clamping apparatus, one is for up-and-down layers “cake” and the other is for left-and-right rows of “cake”. This equipment is mounted onto the machining overhead crane and powered by the hydraulic station on that crane. Lifting and clamping will be accomplished by the action of hydraulic oil cylinders. Different synchro devices have been equipped. Such features as no noise, stable operation, and sound synchro performance, etc. are available.


      Technical parameters:

      Scale Size 4200*1200*600
      Dimensions 5200*2000*5500
      Lifting weight 8T
      Hydraulic Pressure 10~14MPa
      Total power 15KW
      Time of each mold 3min
      Weight 4800Kg


      Place of Origin: China
      Brand Name: Success
      Certification: ISO9001-2008


      Price: Negotiable
      Packaging Details: Container
      Delivery Time: Negotiable
      Payment Terms: T/T,CIF,etc.


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