Aerial Turnover Mechanism
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      Aerial Turnover Mechanism

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      By the control and operation of this equipment, the “cake” having been cut will turn over by 90° in the air, move to a certain distance, and then the bottom scarp will be removed.
      This equipment is mounted onto the matching overhead crane and drived by the hydraulic station having been mounted onto that crane. All tasks such as lifting, turnover, moving, locking and romval of bottom scrap are completed by the action of hydraulic oil cylinders with different synchro devices being provided. Such type of equipment is in stable operation and sound synchro performance and does not produce noise, which has turned out significantly reliable.
      Technical Parameters:
       Scale Size  4200*1200*600
       Dimensions  8200*2810*5150
       Weight Lifting  10T
       Hydraulic Pressure  10~14MPa
       Total power  10.5KW
       Span  7m-7.5m
       weight  4800Kg

       Place of Origin:  China
       Brand Name:  Success
       Certification:  ISO9001-2008

       Price:  Negotiable
       Packaging Details:  Container
       Delivery Time:  Negotiable
       Payment Terms:  T/T,CIF,etc.


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