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      Industrial boiler features
      Quick fitting or assembly structure.
      Compact in structure.
      Cheap in cost.


      Competitive Advantage:
      1. Adopt back water innuendo technology to improve water circulation reliability; Adopt water/fire tube Package structure to save boiler house coverage and reduce cost for installation and investment on infrastructure;
      2. Large heating area design philosophy, strong overload capacity;
      3. Adopt knockout core fire grate technology for special coal type, reduce coal leak rate, and enhance combustion;
      4. Adopt sealed isostatic air chamber, uniform air distribution, and more free adjustment;
      5. Heavy boiler is adopted with saw-tooth hearth, more adequate combustion and heat exchange;
      6. Adopt large fire grate area to improve boiler coal type adaptability and combustion efficiency;
      7. Momentum method designs for furnace arch, more adequate a type flame combustion;
      8. High de-dusting efficiency inside boiler, and low original dust exhaust concentration;
      9. New-type hearth brick and insulation materials, reduce heat radiation loss but improve heat efficiency;
      10. Configure new-type high efficiency slave unit, reduce boiler power consumption but improve slave unit reliability;
      11. Complete control function, safe and reliable, higher operation guarantee.


      Place of Origin: China
      Certification: ISO9001-2008


      Price: Negotiable
      Packaging Details: Container
      Delivery Time: Negotiable
      Payment Terms: T/T,CIF,etc.


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