Bridge trolley before and after autoclave
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      Bridge trolley before and after autoclave

    • Model:  AAC autoclave
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      Quick Detail:
      The autoclaving trolley is spliced by the 14th and the 18th channel steel.
      Wheels are made of steel forgings so that to improve the wheel life.


      Technical Parameter:

      Size Loading Capacity (t) Wheel Center Distance Wheel Diameter Max. Outline Dimensions Bearing
      Length a(mm) Width b(mm) Height c(mm)
      4.2*0.6(for 2 Moulds) 10t 595 φ180 4570 1380 360 6308
      4.8*0.6(for 2 Moulds) 12t 595 φ200 5170 1380 360 6309
      6.0*0.6(for 3 Moulds) 20t 595 φ220 6370 2180 380 6311


      Place of Origin: China
      Brand Name: Success
      Certification: ISO9001-2008


      Price: Negotiable
      Packaging Details: Container
      Delivery Time: Negotiable
      Payment Terms: T/T,CIF,etc.


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